Do you find yourself hopelessly attracted to the bad boy? 

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Do you think a protective alpha convict is the sexiest unexpected hero?

Convict’s Baby: Black Dogs MC by Zoey Parker

It’s on that fateful night that Sarah, the MC president’s niece, decides she’s going to speak up about feelings she’s had for Kurt for a while. She never knew if or when there would be a right time to approach the grieving man and let him know about her nearly lifelong crush.

Sarah decides to take the plunge, telling Kurt she has feelings for him that she just can’t contain any longer. Neither of them can contain themselves physically, and it’s in the bar bathroom that their passion erupts and they give all of themselves to each other. Later that night, after having too much to drink, Kurt gets into a bar fight that lands him in jail for two years. But, the drama doesn’t stop here.

A baby is in the way–the result of the night in the bar bathroom when Sarah and Kurt couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Now, pregnant Sarah gets a job as a prison guard so she can keep a watchful eye on Kurt while he does his time. Prison is no walk in the park, and challenges are surely ahead for the expecting family.

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Kurt is a member of the Black Dogs MC. He’s experienced a terrible tragedy–the loss of his wife and son. Two years later, on the anniversary of their death, he’s at a bar where he’s had quite a lot to drink. This is no surprise, as he turned to drugs and alcohol in the past years since he lost his family.